phpFox 4.8.3

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phpFox 4.8.3

New Features / Improvements

ID Description
1 Apps can define their default permissions when integrating into Pages/Groups
2 Add a setting to use either popup or page with Login/Signup button
3 Display notice message when closing a form in popup without submission
4 Admin can move multiple users to a new group in AdminCP
5 Add new setting "Who can send me a friend request?" in Privacy Settings > Profile section
6 In AdminCP > Appearance > Menus, add guide link for icons of menu items
7 Able to switch language within AdminCP
8 Admin can add more blocks into static pages
9 When site is currently in Offline mode - Display the notice message on front-end for admin
10 Support 12-hour format on Datetime picker
11 Support pagination and search features for Ban Filter
12 Add a setting to configure default user group of new registrations. This setting will be overridden if the user chooses a membership package.
13 [GITHUB] Support search #hastags in Global search #715
14 On Sign up form, disable Auto-fill feature of browsers
15 Friends - Suggestion block - Add a setting to configure the number of items showing on the block
16 [GITHUB] - Add language phrases for "Hello" part used in notification emails #2722
17 User Profile popup - Show state/province information
18 When enabling "Friend only" setting on Feed, still show feeds that posted in Liked pages / Joined groups
19 Add more settings for Email Notification
20 Have a new Cron Manager page in AdminCP > Maintenace that admin can view/active/deactive crons
21 Support use single and double quotes for phrases
22 Able to manage custom fields on mobile devices, such as iPad
23 Anti-Spam Security Questions - Add a setting to turn on/off case-insensitive checking
24 Feeds - Add settings to stop posting feeds when users update their profile photos and cover photos
25 Add a new setting that allows Admin to select a page to show when the site is offline
26 Members - Able to search user by phone number if the setting "Enable Registration using Phone Number" is enabled
27 Improve layout of the Suggestions page in Bootstrap template
28 Auto-suggest users for mention and tagging feature even though their names match certain ban words.
29 When search members in front-end, only search users by email incase the input email address is valid
30 In AdminCP, check and show alerts of new versions of the active template

Bugs Fixed

ID Description
1 The feed displays blank when using PHP 5.6
2 Error 500 when going to AdminCP > Manage Subscription page if the Subscription app is disabled
3 When using Pagination mode and filtering items (blogs, photos, events, etc.) by Tags with accented language, show "Not Found" error when going to the second page
4 When using Asset Handling with a certain remote storage, unable to remove Homepage images of Material template
5 Layout issue in Listing detail when using Asset Handling with remote storage
6 [GITHUB] User are stills getting token with SMS even if they have been banned #2970
7 [GITHUB] - Menu is broken when browser on mobile is resized from landscape to portrait
8 When forcing to upload Profile image but requiring approval for Guests, profile photo uploaded on the Signup form isn't applied
9 [GITHUB] - When using Mobile browser, in AdminCP > Browse Users, Mass actions panel and Pagination are overlapping #2974
10 [GITHUB] - When click on the created main menus linked to a certain page/group, more than 1 menu item are highlighted #2973
11 Feed - Link of Instagram does not parse for preview
12 [GITHUB] Still receive Email notifications of tag in comment even though the setting of email notification is turned off in User Settings #2978
13 When sharing video with Youtube URL, cannot get a video thumbnail with quality less than 360p
14 On User profile - the status of friend request is updated after that friend request is denied
15 In Bootstrap template, can not open "Sort by" dropdown on Home Feed until page is reloaded
16 Issue layout in Invitation page when invitation link has expired or it was not valid
17 On Sign Up form, the Location dropdown is cut off when multi-step registration form is enabled
18 In AdminCP, when searching settings with the top search bar, removed/deprecated settings are still listed in the search result
19 Using Bootstrap template, go to User profile > Recently Viewed By page, it shows "Undefined" when hovering on users
20 On Feed, try to post link feed and tag/mention friends, the link preview of that feed item doesn't show on friend's wall
21 On Feed, links from Facebook cannot be parsed
22 In Report popup, 'Terms of Use' URL isn't updated after edited in ACP
23 When a user enables "Send you a message" setting to "Noone", his/her name is not suggested For Tagging feature
24 Photos don't display in the proper orientation when taking photo then uploading
25 In AdminCP > Reports, the info of the Last Report isn't updated if users report with the default category
26 In AdminCP > Reports, Missing padding in the Delete Category popup
27 When creating a new user group inheriting a certain user group, user group settings of 3rd-party apps aren't inherited
28 In AdminCP > Members > Import User page, cannot stop the import user process when using external Message Queue service
29 In AdminCP > Appearance > Menu, show wrong title on Edit menu popup
30 When adding more friends to an existing friend list, all friends added before are removed
31 When logging in on the Login page, notice for pending approve or denied is missing
32 Using Asset Handling with external storages, cannot update Check-in when editing a feed item

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