phpFox 4.8.1

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phpFox 4.8.1

New Features / Improvements

ID Description
1 Support Search Filters for Inactive Members and Cancelled Members pages in AdminCP
2 Not apply Word Banned Filters to content added in AdminCP
3 Clean permanently all user data in Database when a user account is deleted
4 Admin can add and translate phrases in content
5 Not reload Categories menu on the left when clicking on a sub-category
6 When adding/editing Block in AdminCP, have Site Wide option explicitly in the drop-down for Page Setting
7 Auto synchronize old CDN Service config to Asset Handling after upgrading to phpFox 4.8.x
8 Admin can ban users by email domain
9 Tagged user will not receive related Notifications after removing the tag
10 Tagged users can remove the tag by themself
11 User can upload files with JPEG 2000, JPEG XR, and WebP file types
12 User can jump back to the recent feed item in the previous Page instead of reloading and turning to the top of the Page

Bugs Fixed

ID Description
1 Cannot crop profile photo if using the external storage system
2 Blocks with PHP Code type doesn't work
3 The phrase "View More" doesn't display properly in Listing details when disabling Feed app
4 Auto-loading more items when scrolling down doesn't work if Feed app is disabled
5 Layout issue after editing feed popup in Bootstrap template
6 Upload process is failed when uploading some images of a very high resolution
7 The Secure Image Display setting doesn't work properly with images in blog content