phpFox 4.8.0

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phpFox 4.8.0

New Features / Improvements

ID Description
1 Able to edit/delete check-in info in feed item
2 Version control when editing theme
3 Support PHP 7.4
4 Support MySQL 8.x
5 Make " View More " clearer
6 Auto convert email addresses to lowercase on sign up
7 Admin users won't be banned
8 When uploading multiple photos at once on feed, photos will be displayed in order
9 Hide link preview on photo/video feed item reshared
10 Big enhancements for scalability (Assets Handling, Log Handling, Storage System, Message Queue, Session Handling)

Bugs Fixed

ID Description
1 Layout issue of notification of new listing item in a group
2 Phrase problem
3 Feed - Link from Instagram and Twitter isn't parsed to preview
4 Show wrong feed when viewing a feed detail on a private profile
5 Some user group settings to manage installed apps do not work
6 AdminCP - Can not delete options when editing Custom Fields with types have options
7 Account Setting - PayPal email, Merchant ID does not save after submit