phpFox 4.7.7

Phpfox 4.7.7

New Features / Improvements

ID Item Description
1 Add a setting to support hide block on certain devices (mobile, tablet and desktop)
2 Include info of expiration date into a ban notice message.
3 Add a new setting to enable/disable Hide feed feature
4 Able to add the User Friends block to any pages
5 Encrypt sensitive data of site configuration stored in the database.
6 Support "Report, Edit" action options in the Feed Detail page
7 Multi-step Registration - Validate fields of Re-enter email address and Confirm Password when submitting step 1

Bugs Fixed

ID Item Description
1 Content of notification email is bold unexpectedly
2 Status with link is not updated after edited
3 When sharing friendship feed item, the Sharing feed item displays incorrect info
4 Single line break containing URL is not displayed on a separate line in photo description for pages
5 In Check-in feed, the map doesn't display in the wall of the person mentioned