phpFox 4.7.6

PHPfox 4.7.6

New Features / Improvements

ID Item Description
1 Support change privacy when sharing feed
2 Show notice message about "missing First name/Last name" at the first step of Multi-step Registration form
3 Support Report option for Feed with a link
4 Have pagination for ban section
5 Search filters aren't kept after moving to the next pages of the search result
6 Have an option to search exact language phrases in AdminCP
7 Able to hide feed item and user's feed items
8 Support multilingual for Egift title
9 Improve layout of feed items for better display
10 Upgrade parsing link library

Bugs Fixed

ID Item Description
1 When splitting first and last name, form validation does not work properly
2 Show error when clicking on Resend verification mail in Browser Users page of AdminCP
3 Wrong encoding characters when adding some links on feed
4 When requesting new password - Send the wrong link if the phpFox site is deployed in sub-folder
5 An invitation has wrong display name of invitees.