Phpfox Club

Phpfox Club

This site Phpfox Club PFC is a subset of the Onenet Development Team Onenet.

The PHPFox Club (Phpfox Support Team) was opened by IPBFarsi administrators Team, because there was no good and professional support for this script before. During this time, we were able to do things that were impossible for other support sites and were beyond their control, and we've developed and designed modules and Apps (Phpfox new System) in the first time in Iran and the world. We've been teaching world-class training that has been proud of Iranians, and we've been trying to introduce new ideas to dear users.

For more information please visit: Phpfox Club


  • Provide a discourse environment, exchange of views, user-centered questions and answers
  • Guides, articles for the script (free and non-free)
  • Preparing and developing phpfox apps and extensions (free and non-free).