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The latest PFC Dev Tools version: v1.2.0

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Option Description
Author amir Bassir
Bug Tracker Phpfox Club
Demo Face Negah

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PFC Dev Tools


Option Description
PHP 5.6 or Higher
Phpfox 4.7.5 or Higher
iOn Loader 8.3 or Higher
PHP cURL Require
PHP EXEC Function Require
PHP ZipArchive Require
CDN Server Optinal

Installation and Upgrade Guide

Please follow all steps in this Installation & Upgrade guide in order to make this module work properly.

  1. Installation Guide Below are the Installation Steps:
    • Install PFC Dev Tools App from admin panel.
    • Run Rebuild Core Theme at AdminCP >> Maintenance.
    • Clear your cache site (at AdminCP > Maintenance >> Cache Manager)
  2. Upgrade Guide
    • Upgrade our latest version from admin panel.
    • Run Rebuild Core Theme at AdminCP >> Maintenance.
    • Clear your cache site (at AdminCP > Maintenance >> Cache Manager) Congratulations! You have finished the Installation/Upgrade process. If you need any assistance, please submit a new ticket at the client area Contact Us


Developed and designed by: amir Bassir - All rights reserved. © 2019


New and exceptional features in the PFC Dev Tools app.

Hello to all friends. We are getting to developing the first and only smart File Manager for Phpfox.

  1. Now you will be able to see all the error files (Error Logs) in this version.
  2. You can also view contents of the files or download them, either individually back up or create a zip file in general and keep all the error files in the zip file or you can delete all baked up files. .log OR .zip extensions.
  3. Big and important update: As you know, there are many folders and subfolders inside the script. And it shouldn't be visible in any of these folders or subfolders, and anyone has access to the contents of the folders. So, the only file that protects the contents of the folders is the index .html .php file. But sometimes, with our manipulation, these index files are deleted. But in this smart app, we've developed a function that eliminates the index file from the folder or subfolder any time, and you will be able to create an index file in the corresponding folder just one click.
  4. core updated. The high speed, and optimization of the kernel is one of the updates that will be felt when you use it.
  5. You can now also backup all CSS files as zip files.
  6. Fixed Database function problem.

PFC Upload Files

PFC Manage Css

PFC Manage Logs


The best professional system app for Phpfox.

Unique, special and professional features using precise mathematical equations μ

  1. We are very glad that we could prepare the best and most professional system app for you.
  2. Sit in your chair and enjoy your admin panel and access all your server's parts.
  3. New developed and designed Processing CSS Files CORE and UI.
  4. Added new features such as displaying the contents of CSS files as well as displaying backed up files.
  5. Deleted view and views files that These files are optimized in the new version and will be used virtualistically.
  6. Displays the contents of the CSS file and the download of the selected CSS file has been added.
  7. The application core was re-written and optimized in some parts.
  8. Good news: Now you just don't have access only and only to your server Root, but you can access all the contents of the your server through our professional PFC Dev Tools App, or you can see inside any folder you want.
  9. It's normal that with the rise of the new features of the app, we have also increased the security of the app so that only you can access the our App.
  10. We've used mathematical equations for this amazing app to reduce the likelihood of any errors and increase the accuracy of the app.
  11. We've anticipated any errors during the any processing of app functions, and so we used try{} in some our functions to display the errors that are hidden from our sight.
  12. Note: Please note that this app is very secure and professional written. So please don't change the default user group settings or give trusted people for more security.
  13. The upload, extract, deletion of the file is considerably optimized and rewritten.
  14. Great update and exceptional: Now your zip files will not be uploaded only to your server (Root), and in this update, you can upload your zip files to any folder on your server and perform extraction and delete operations.
  15. Again the big and important update: Do you want to create a folder? Do not want to go to your server to create a folder? So now you can only write the name of the folder that you want to create in your server only and only in admin panel, and leave the rest of the tasks to PFC Dev Tools app.
  16. It is natural that all the errors are foreseen and you do not need to worry. Also, the security of all the main directories of the Phpfox script is set up to prevent damage to folders.
  17. Again and again, a great new update: A new section called Reports was created.
  18. You or other admins will do whatever they do with PFC Dev Tools app, will be displayed in Reports section with the exact name of the person, the date and action performed.
  19. A smart and accurate app ( PFC Dev Tools ) that will store all the operations.
  20. Now you can delete your server folders from your Admin panel. Of course, for more security, Phpfox Officially folders are protected by the PFC Dev Tools app and you can't delete them.


As always this isn't possible without your feedback.

Hello Dear PhpfoxClub Users... Finally we changed our "PFC DEV TOOLS" Module to the APP.

  1. In the first step, we changed the MODULE to new system ( APP ), with professional and modern programming that based on most modern technologies.
  2. We've changed the all CORE Codes that now we have built a new, high-speed, high-end solution that we can be proud of.