PFC Profile Customization

The latest PFC Profile Customization version: v4.1.6.0

App Information

Option Description
Author amir Bassir
Bug Tracker Phpfox Club
Demo Face Negah

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PFC Profile Customization for Phpfox


Option Description
PHP from version 5.6 to 7.1
Phpfox 4.7.5 or Higher
iOn Loader 8.3 or Higher
cURL Require
CDN Server Optinal

Installation and Upgrade Guide

Please follow all steps in this Installation & Upgrade guide in order to make this module work properly.

  1. Installation Guide Below are the Installation Steps:
    • Install PFC Profile Customization App from admin panel.
    • Run Rebuild Core Theme at AdminCP >> Maintenance.
    • Clear your cache site (at AdminCP > Maintenance >> Cache Manager)
  2. Upgrade Guide
    • Upgrade our latest version from admin panel.
    • Run Rebuild Core Theme at AdminCP >> Maintenance.
    • Clear your cache site (at AdminCP > Maintenance >> Cache Manager) Congratulations! You have finished the Installation/Upgrade process. If you need any assistance, please submit a new ticket at the client area Contact Us


Developed and designed by: amir Bassir - All rights reserved. © 2019


Managing Designs by site administrators.

An Ajax update for site administrators and added special features in the admin panel.

  1. Added professional searching users in the admin panel.
  2. Added new Ajax management features in admin panel for designs such as delete or changes in all design sections like: colors, fonts, background image and etc...
  3. Site administrators will be able to delete images or upload new images using full-ajax system.
  4. Changes in processing information in the client-side:

    foreach ( $iGetCustomize as $iKey => $iCustom ) {
        $aDesign = $iGetCustomize[$iKey];
  5. Core was updates. Core version: 1.6.0
  6. Fixed minor bugs.

PFC Profile Customization Management System


New features suggested by the facenegah.

The new version was released with the requested features.

  1. We added new and beautiful fonts like BYekan, Shams, BVahidBold, BTabassom, to the our app. Now the number of fonts has reached to 22.
  2. We've added a new feature that users will choose the size of their fonts according to their needs.
  3. New settings in the admin panel.
  4. We changed the order of displaying the designs in the admin panel to the time of the update.
  5. and more...

Size of fonts


Optimization and new features.

Core optimized, and added new features.

  1. Hosting fonts on the main server. Error: HTTPS
  2. Optimized the Core and Speed up the PFC Customization Profile app.
  3. Re-writing the plug-in and Core files.
  4. Added delete button to remove background image using AJAX technology.
  5. Some changes in the app's layout codes. HTML Select Suggested by: MINOO: facenegah Administrator
  6. Fixed bugs...

Delete image using full ajax


Fixed font callback.

New fonts again and fixed bugs.

  1. We've added new and beautiful fonts to the our app.
  2. Fixed font issue


New fonts and design on mobiles.

Design beautiful and amazing profiles with our PFC Profile Customization app.

  1. We've removed the previous fonts and used 7 of the best Persian fonts.
  2. We've changed the type of profile layout using the font type, and now the our app will automatically change the properties that depending to the font type.
  3. We worked on mobile layout and now designs will be displayed on mobiles. Suggested by: MINOO: facenegah Administrator
  4. Fixed Server ID in the CDN Servers.
  5. Fixed minor bugs...

Amazing fonts


Powerful admin panel

The admin panel has been partially completed.

  1. Administrators will now be able to manage all profile designs.
  2. Administrators will be able to delete or disable the profile designs.

Admin panel


New and beautiful features.

The app has been updated with powerful management features.

  1. We started to work on the our app again.
  2. Users can choose beautiful colors for their profiles. For example: backgrounds, headers, menus and etc...
  3. Users can choose beautiful fonts for their profiles.
  4. Are you unhappy with your profile design? So now you can Revert all changes to the default or start a new one again.
  5. Major changes in the application core.
  6. Added user groups, privileges, settings, etc... in the app.
  7. And more...


We developed the first app for designing the profiles.

Hello dear friends! PFC Profile Customization app was born.

  1. The first version of PFC Profile Customization was developed.
  2. Now all users can design beautiful profiles for themselves.
  3. Users can upload a picture for the background of their profiles.
  4. And more...